This page is for the use of all members of Midgard. Following is a list of rules, guidelines and virtues for clan members to follow. As the leader of this clan, I have written this up myself, it's only fitting. What you see below are my thoughts, wishes and opinions.


  • Respect and follow RuneScape rules at all times. This clan may be awesome in its own right, but remember what game we are playing.
  • Always be in the clan chat, and on the correct world, unless you absolutely have to leave.
  • Do not abuse your kick rights in the clan chat, if you have them.
  • Be respectful other clan members.
  • Never rise to a clan haters negativity, it will only worsen matters. Do not mistake this rule as me wanting you guys to be pansy pushovers, by not giving these trolls what they want (a reaction), it shows Midgard is a clan full of good people, not morons.
  • Respect the ranks, higher ranks have earned their positions through hard work and devotion, keep this in mind.


  • Outlanders choose to live they way they do, they should be shunned unless they persist to bother us. In that case, use your discretion. However, if the Outlander generally seems to be interested in salvation by joining Midgard, invite them in.
  • The Grand Exchange, Midgards self sufficiency has not gone active yet, at the time of this article being created. As such, use of the Grand Exchange is still considered acceptable. This will change when self sufficiency kicks in.
  • Reminding all members, Midgard is my (Thorvald, Hilmir) ambition and passion. I have accepted you all into my ambition, to help see it soar. And I know full well this clan means a lot to certain members of Midgard. So don't let us (especially me) down.
  • The black and red, Midgards colours, the black and red are deeply symbolic and important. Contrary to popular belief, I did not pick these colours out of the hat because they go well together. The Black represends our resolve, and seriousness. The Red represents our courage and bravery.


Here are a list of virtues and examples for all of us to try to aspire to, me included.

  • Punctuality.
  • Subordination.
  • Honour.
  • Loyalty.
  • Obediance.
  • Reliability.
  • Integrity.
  • Nurturing.
  • Kindness.
  • Fealty.
  • Sense of Duty.
  • Empathy.
  • Selflessness.
  • Intestinal fortitude.
  • Humility.