Arvo, hanging out in the desert with my Outlander mates Ali and Faruq

Hi guys, I'm Talrak! Also, my page is the 69th page on this wiki ^^ (My name is now 'Talrak Luv')

Contact me when I'm online and we can do things together - I like to make new friends and adventure. I've run across the world, spent days surviving in the Wilderness, and I've done a lot of completely foolish things. Like running around and playing dice in the KBD's lair.


Every morning I practice my King Fu,too.

I like to search for needles in haystacks. When I get a million needles (currently Ive got only 2,412), I am going to high alch them all for a decent amount of coins, then drop those coins in the longhall.



My favorite colours are purple, gold, black, and pink.

Call me Alexei, I'd prefer it actually. So if at anytime you want to explore/fight/adventure/smith, don't worry about ringing me up for an epic time.

Causing trouble1


See you guys around!